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corporate conspiracy gilded with anime

By capriox, member

Feb 14, 2010: Arcani Magi tells the story of a girl who gains the ability to do this story’s version of magic, channeling mana, after suffering from a concussion. The story also spends a lot of time from the point of view of the antagonist, a corporate scientist who wipes the girl’s mind and intends to use her as a research subject.

Arcani Magi has a number of touches that suggests an anime style: the detailed, colorful outfit of the protagonist, many Japanese names, the details of the "summoning" magic, etc.

Unfortunately, I can’t recommend this story because of the flat writing style. The first three chapters are written largely in passive voice, although it becomes more active as the action & dialogue pick up. Also, transitions and the passage of time are glossed over, so that the story’s pacing feels breathless. It’s like reading a long sentence without any commas or other punctuation, only on the narrative-level.

The writing does improve slightly in chapter four and five, and if it continues to do so, I may come back to give it a higher rating. For now though, I wouldn’t recommend this story unless you really want to read another young girl heroine anime or you’re obsessed with dark corporate conspiracy tales.

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