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By Von, member

Jul 25, 2009: I am up to chapter four (which happens to be all there is at this point) and I am enjoying this book.

I love coming of age and learning-about-different-cultures books (both as a reader and as a writer) and this book fits in both categories.

It is always difficult when writing a culture book to decide how much to put in. No one except Anthropologists want to read a treatise on cultures. But at the same time it is annoying to be always saying, ‘now why did they do that’?

This book tends a bit toward the latter. Hopefully in the latter chapters some information will be filled in on the various cultures. I would also like to see more on the interpersonal/linguistic culture stuff . . . not just ‘they have computers and don’t shoot.’

Keep writing, and fill me in 🙂

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