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Fetch! Play dead! Genocide!

By Stable, author of The Archive Of Unusual Events

Jul 26, 2016: I’ve just caught up with the full 25 chapters of Barghest. This includes everything you could hope for from a military/space opera story including conniving politicians, a dystopian political system right out of starship troopers, evil aliens threatening all of humanity and heroic deeds by smarter-than-average grunts. It also has genetically engineered super soldiers, of both human and essentially anthropoid wolf (the Barghest of the title) varieties.

I love how alien the aliens are. The descriptions of them do a lot better than the "like humans but with funny ears and colours" we often get. The only downside is that the evil wanna-be genocidal aliens are so inhuman and inscrutable that there’s yet to be any reason given for their war with humanity. I’m assuming one will come up eventually, as well as the reason why they have been messing around instead of crushing humanity with their combined forces. It had better be a good reason though, or this story will take a hit in credibility.

The writing is enjoyable and each chapter has a good wordcount. The only weak points in the action are the flashback scenes to high school for one of the characters,which are at least good worldbuilding material. If you like space opera, or the starship troopers movie (I’ve got the book on my shelf waiting for me to stop reading so many web serials), this is worth a read.

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