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Being What It Is by ÆÐELÞRYÐ

One dreams of revenge. 

Animal spirits, the Unseen, are tired of being ignored by humanity and so they orchestrate a devastating war amongst the humans, forcing humanity to once again turn to the spirits in need. Once or twice a generation, a human is born with a strange condition known as the lacking: they only possess half a soul. Some among the Unseen are drawn to fill the lacking with their own spiritual presence, allowing them to influence the human’s thoughts and actions, but this traps the spirits as well for as long as the chosen human lives. Two such humans, Rye and Junah, are young men outcast from society and unable to return. Swept up in the plans of the Unseen, they unwittingly start a war in their journey for revenge on those responsible for their solitary states and for a companionship that they didn’t realize they needed.

A novel, no longer online

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Listed: Feb 27, 2013


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Editor’s First Impression

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Mar 24, 2013: With the first seven chapters of Being What It Is, the author manages to cast a spell with his writing. The tone is that of a fairy tale, more akin to one of the originals, rather than those that were rewritten for a modern childish audience. The original versions tend to have a lot more bite to them, which this story definitely does.

The story being told is that of the elder gods of the world, as well as those people that the gods have chosen to partially reside in. The world seems to be a post-apocalyptic future where society has reformed itself around somewhat archaic lines, and where the people of the world are stratified physically as well as socially. I found what has been presented so far quite detailed and fascinating, but I should warn any potential readers to take the “dark fantasy” tag seriously. So far, there have been a number of violent and sadistic acts described as well as shown, so be prepared if you decide to enter this place.

I find myself hoping as the story goes forward that there’s some payoff for the characters, because right now it seems as if they’re all stuck in a pretty deep pits, but are poised to fall off the edge into the Marianas trench. If you’re a fan of dark fantasy, especially that involving old gods and their avatars, or the kinds of fairy tales where maybe the end is that the big bad wolf actually does eat everyone, I recommend this one to you.

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