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Dr. Where?

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Oct 6, 2013: I liked the short opening chapter in which a woman dives off a cliff and becomes a mermaid. It was quite evocative and brought back memories of the movie Splash.

The second chapter makes a grevious error – a time traveller encounters gladiators and the Coliseum in ancient Greece instead of Rome. Ouch. One mistake doesn’t necessarily condemn a story (the Coliseum scene is only a short vignette, and after that the action switches to Central America) but it does mark it as amateurish, and a big error early on like this makes it hard to take the story seriously going forward.

Nevertheless, this story does have an imaginative plot, and some colourful images (both visual and descriptive) to commend it. I do like the concept, and the writing is fairly clean of typo’s and grammatical errors. Overall, I think I agree with BillyHiggins on this one, but I would recommend it for young teens who like stories about merpeople. So long as it doesn’t lead them astray in their history lessons!

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