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Foot on the gas pedal

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Dec 7, 2010: If you get tired of stories that take a long time to get going, you won’t have that problem here. It starts as a quiet day and routine sale for a Detroit witch in a curio shop, but next thing you know an unwelcome visitor is demanding help with some Things that used to be dogs, and after that it’s a wild chase of one darn terrifying thing after another in rapidfire succession. This is simply an imaginative, stylishly written, fast paced urban fantasy romp, narrated by a sarky, sexy magician with a strong sense of self preservation and a helpful but demanding secret sidekick.

"I’m a witch, yes. But I’m not just a witch. I’m possessed by a creature of living shadow, a being from beyond this reality. Or maybe it’s possessed by me. After a while, it gets kind of hard to tell the difference."

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