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Blood of a Marionette by Timothy Sparklin

vampire novel 

Step into Lazarus’s world as he struggles to figure out what’s really happening at his law school, which is turning out crack lawyers to work for a firm shrouded in a hidden but undeniably powerful past, where rumors of blood are never far from its name.

Note: Blood of a Marionette contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A complete novel

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Listed: Feb 4, 2009

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Confusing in Parts

By Miladysa, editor, author of Refuge of Delayed Souls

Feb 26, 2009: Scarlett, a law student, had the good fortune to attract the attention of her ‘How to be a Lawyer’ Professor, and gain a place on his mentoring programme. It would seem that a bright future awaits her at the Professor’s prestigious law firm, should she successfully complete her studies.

Lazarus, Scarlett’s new boyfriend, also attracted the Professors attention, and received an invitation – via Scarlett – to meet with him and be considered for the programme. The interview was very different to what Lazarus was expecting though, and some elements of the Professor’s coursework, are a little weird to say the least.

It would seem that a place on the Professor’s programme is not always a guarantee of success and happiness either. Scarlett’s friend Samantha has failed to make contact with her since being employed by the Professor, a fellow student was murdered, and another arrested in connection with the murder. Lazarus is not exactly overjoyed with the direction events have taken so far.

All this makes for an interesting story or it could do, if it was not so confusing to read. The main link to the story begins with Chapter One and then flows nicely through to Chapter Seven. I thought that was all there was to the story until I discovered the Table of Contents listing three additional headings prior to Chapter One – three headings yet only two links.

The first of these links leads to a repeat of the text which appears halfway through Chapter 5 and the second link takes the reader to a completely new Chapter – although it is unclear where this Chapter fits in with the events so far. Confused? I certainly was.

There are problems with spelling and grammar too, little mistakes and obvious errors which when all added together take away from the overall enjoyment.

Blood of a Marionette has the hint of a promising read but at the moment it lets itself down because of the niggling problems mentioned here.

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