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Blunder League by Jonathan Kitzrow


Superpowers will probably make your life miserable.

None of them asked for it to happen. They made some poor choices (admittedly very bad ideas in hindsight) and nearly destroyed the city. Now they’re stuck with the weight of their ‘powers’ crippling them. They aren’t even useful abilities. They’re inconvenient side-effects at best, and they’re impossible to live with.

The only option they have left is a crazy idea proposed by a man in a black coat: become superheroes.

Can they compete with the Cavalry, the resident superhero team? (Probably not); Can they hope to survive crime-fighting when they can barely survive daily life? (Unlikely); Who is this stereotypical mysterious cloaked figure?

If you’ve got a taste for action, comedy, and everything going wrong at every turn, then welcome to the blunder League series.

An ongoing series, with new episodes twice weekly

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Listed: Jul 30, 2017


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