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Bodyguard of Lies by Erin M. Hartshorn


On a future Earth where corporations have all but taken over the rule of law, Sabra makes her living as a star of arena combat. A “gladiator” in a sport that has roots in blood sports from knife fighting to wrestling, Sabra wins her battles, even when her opponents fight dirty. Then her arena manager manipulates her into taking a lucrative bodyguard contract for a corporate head.

A rival corp has been interfering with the exclusive deal Vuest has to distribute a particular drug. Sabra’s mission is to keep the head of Vuest safe while his merc team deals with the rival’s mercs. Tensions escalate, and Sabra finds herself targeted. She needs every ally she’s got to make it out alive, preferably with her reputation still intact. Even the unexpected allies, like her estranged brother.

In the end, everything comes down to whether Sabra and her brother can work together in a valiant attempt to stop the war and settle the feud before any more deaths occur.

A science fiction adventure tale of power, justice, and redemption, Bodyguard of Lies speaks to a hope for change that lies in each of us.

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Action Packed

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Oct 17, 2015: Bodyguard of Lies drops you into the deep end right away and just keeps the action going. We follow the story of Sabra, a woman who fights as a gladiator in shows in a futuristic world where everything is for sale – legally now – and corporations control everything that goes on, including the spying and occasional wars between them.

Due to the interference of a corporate head, she’s forced to change her occupation to be his bodyguard, for reasons we’re not made aware of. The author’s entries are frequent (weekly), and, to my taste, rather short, so this might be the story of choice for anyone wanting something quick to read, or for those that enjoy reading a lot of something at one go, since she’s got quite a few entries out there right now.

As mentioned, the story itself is action packed, so fans of dysfunctional future worlds will probably like this if action is also something they favor. The writing itself is good, but I did have some problems with the fact that the story seems to be heavily plot focused, to the point where (it seemed to me) that the characters almost got swept along with it, doing things that seemed out-of-character or just puzzling at times, because the plot required it.

At any rate, after reading more than half the entries currently on offer, I found this to be a fast read that someone who enjoys action-oriented sci-fi would probably enjoy.

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