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Caeruleus Aether: Blackbird by G. A. Mehan

Every kingdom has a secret. Every hero, a weakness. Every villain, a master plan. 

Sent out with several other Valkyries to investigate a strange anomaly by Brynhildr, Valkyrie Vaeramae follows her strict orders of noninterference. When she experiences what she thinks Brynhildr meant, she fully intends to stay with the world she was assigned to see if it was merely a strange occurrence or something with a bigger impact. But when Ölrún has a vision, Vaeramae believes in it enough to follow it, disobeying her orders.

Ölrún’s vision answers their question of what’s going on, but leaves many more questions behind. As she digs deeper into the mysteries surrounding certain persons and events, she begins to wonder if something else beyond the control of the gods is going on.

Note: Caeruleus Aether: Blackbird contains some graphic sexual content, graphic violence, and harsh language.

An ongoing series, with new episodes weekly

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Listed: Jul 13, 2012


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Norse Mythology Remix

By Palladian, author of Super

Aug 5, 2012: When I saw the description of this story, I was pretty excited to read it. I’ve always been interested in Norse mythology, and this story is not only a take off on it, but it also follows a Valkyrie as the main character. That alone pulled me in, and I also really liked the fact that it’s a ‘big’ story – a world and universe spanning tale of gods and people and how they interact.

Unfortunately, I had some issues in actually getting into the story itself. Although I’m not at all against the use of summary in storytelling, in the case of Caeruleus Aether, there is so much high-level summary in the first few chapters that I had a hard time getting a sense of the universe the Valkyries moved in, and even the characters themselves seemed impenetrable. This did improve a bit in the last couple chapters of the first arc, when I felt like I started to get some sense of the main character for the first time, and even some of the supporting characters, so I’d advise any readers to give the story a chance beyond the first few chapters. Another issue I had with the story was underscored by the fact that the title opens up to a page with lots of background information about the characters and Norse mythology in general. Frankly, I ignored it and fumbled around the site until I could find where the first chapter was, since all of that is part of what I expect the author to work into the story itself. As the story progressed, I was glad of my familiarity with the subject matter, since all of the explanations I expected hadn’t made their way into the story.

If I had to give one piece of advice to this author, I’d suggest that you please do bore us with the details. When you’re writing a universe-spanning story, I think you need to bring it to a level that ordinary people like us can understand, and the easiest way to do that is to show what’s happening clearly through the eyes of someone who’s living the events – as many of them as possible firsthand, sometimes even the boring, silly, or ugly things.

For fans of Norse mythology, you will probably not want to miss this story, since it features prominently, and anyone who has a liking for ‘big’ stories would probably be well advised to check it out, too.

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