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Captive Spirit by Jodi Ralston

A "guns-and-ghouls" fantasy, set after "Tower of Trials" 

In the nation of Avalon, spirits steal humans to convert them to spirithood, and the secret Society of Spirit Holders in turn enslaves spirits to use their magic.

Though only a spirit-in-training—being only half spirit—Guard (21) has been captured on the eve of his conversion. But his owner, Mr. Roland Ravenscar (27), is just as unusual as his captive, for he is not driven by whim or the desire for power and a status symbol, but by the desire to rescue his sister (Guard’s contemporary) who was kidnapped by the spirits years ago.

In this “guns and ghouls” fantasy, can slave and slaver learn to work together, or is the rescue mission doomed from the start?

This free web serial is narrated from Guard’s perspective, and it is related to the soon-to-be published novella “Tower of Trials,” which is set in the Guardian Spirit series.

Note: Captive Spirit contains some graphic violence.

A serialized novel, updating sporadically

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Listed: Mar 28, 2015


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