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Archive panic

By Tab, member

Sep 9, 2014: A little over a year ago I lazily started reading Castle Terrible (and a few other stories) from the middle instead of the beginning. It didn’t take long for me to abandon it because I didn’t understand the characters and the history.

I found the story again a few weeks ago and decided to read it properly. I have not been disappointed. The story occurs in an alternate earth but the author has cleverly created a few races and cultures that match others from our history. At the top of my head I recall analogues of The Holy Roman Empire, and Mongols as . . . read and find out. I would rank it with Zombie Knight as the funniest webserials I have read. The main characters are often goofy, but they’re layered enough that it’s not jarring when they have to be serious.

I do have one complaint with the series. The cast of thousands. I don’t have a problem with multicharacter stories but this series has a literal cast of thousands.

Anyways, even with my chronic archive panic, I managed to read the it all in three weeks.

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