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Change: New World by Lv1Slime


A young man who’s lived his everyday life with bitter pessimism suddenly gets his world turned upside down by what he calls, “The world’s most untimely apocalypse”. Despite all the new dangers that came with this unexpected situation, he has so far managed to avoid death, ruin and whatever else the world decided to throw at him. Unexpected development after unexpected development, danger after danger, situation after situation, will he survive this game of life and death?

Note: Change: New World contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating sporadically

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Listed: Dec 12, 2016


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Just do it! (a.k.a just read it)

By Loui3091, member

Mar 1, 2017: This is a great read with a fantastic setting, interesting characters and a great plot. The level of writing is fantastic as well with grammar and punctuation used correctly with few errors from what I can tell; I wasn’t an English major in college. Anyways, very fun read and I’m always looking forward to the next chapter. Give it a read; what have you got to lose?

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By cbw, member

Jun 30, 2017: apocalipse, game screen, real life, well written, op carachter development

author: vexation power easily over 9000

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Give it a try

By stormborn, member

Mar 10, 2017: This is one of my favorite web novels, very entertaining.

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