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Chatoyant College by Clare K. R. Miller


Corrie, Edie, and Dawn are excited, nervous, curious, and, well, lots of other emotions about their first semester at Chatoyant College. They know it’s going to be a weird few months: they’ve left their familiar high school existences for something completely new, their college is the only one in the United States with a magic program, and it comes complete with its own forbidden forest and mysterious weather. What they’re not expecting is the strange (and familiar) people they’ll meet, the intricate politics of college life, and new revelations about themselves.

Note: Chatoyant College contains some harsh language.

An ongoing series, with new episodes twice weekly

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Listed: Oct 3, 2008


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Editorial Reviews

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An Early Review

By Jim Zoetewey, editor, author of The Legion of Nothing

Oct 3, 2008: In every story, there’s a point at which the story takes off and you know what kind of story it is.

Chatoyant College isn’t yet at that point.

It’s no fault of the author. The series appears to have just started and only has three episodes up as I write this.

The story appears to be about three people at a college that teaches magic. It’s not Tales of MU in that it seems to be set in a recognizable modern world so far. It’s not Harry Potter in that it doesn’t appear that the college is the product of a secret society of sorcerers.

At least one of the characters has the reaction that you might expect to hearing that a college teaches magic—that it can’t be real.

So as of now, it’s not obvious whether or not magic is real or what form it takes if it is.

On other matters, the story hasn’t gotten far enough along to really allow the reader to know the characters, but there are some basic differences between them that have potential.

The prose isn’t flashy, but is clear and free of spelling and grammatical errors.

All in all, it’s worth another look when the story gets farther along.

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Most Helpful Member Reviews

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A very good story for patient readers

By Eldoran, member

Jan 7, 2010: Chatoyant College is a story about a college which teaches magic in addition to the common classes. The story is pretty much told from the POV of Corrie, Edie and Dawn. What’s important to know is that it is definitely a work in progress, so the first chapters are no accurate example of the quality of the later ones. So far each book pretty much revolves around one major event. The character definitely gain depth in personality and pretty much everyone is special in a way, though everything usually keeps [more . . .]

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Not exactly your average college story

By Sora, member

Jan 27, 2009: Disclaimer: I too write a story based on magical college. I enjoy this genre a lot and it seems that it’s a growing niche around the web writing world. Our stories have the same premise but vastly different outcomes. I initially started reading this story because I wanted to see what chapter the characters started classes, just as a little research for my own story. (see my likes for more)

Summary: Three girls, Edie, Corrie, and Dawn start their first year [more . . .]

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Still Building Characters

By MystycalMage, member

Nov 21, 2008: Chatoyant College isn’t quite to the point where the story really takes off. The story is twenty chapters in and is still building the characters and giving the reader an idea of the layout of the most common areas that will be in the story: the dorm room, the campus layout, the paths that seem to go so out of the way . . .  If this story were in a hard copy format, the reader might be wondering where all the action is, but web novels are different in that they won’t [more . . .]

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