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A very good story for patient readers

By Eldoran, member

Jan 7, 2010: Chatoyant College is a story about a college which teaches magic in addition to the common classes. The story is pretty much told from the POV of Corrie, Edie and Dawn. What’s important to know is that it is definitely a work in progress, so the first chapters are no accurate example of the quality of the later ones. So far each book pretty much revolves around one major event. The character definitely gain depth in personality and pretty much everyone is special in a way, though everything usually keeps quite lighthearted and some daily life strewn in between.

So what’s to expect: Its set into the "real" world, but magic is definitely possible even though pretty much nobody knows that. So even at the college most students believe that the magic classes are merely make belief (complete opposite of Harry Potter in that regard). Most of the time it is simply normal college life with the usual drama unless the protagonists stumble over some unusual occurrence, usually faerie/magic related. Pretty much every expected part of college life can happen. The serious stuff happens off camera, like sex scenes. The characters are distinct, but no one is very unusual. So they are a bit unremarkable, just as the world or the plot. But I mean that in a good way. No horribly scarred people, plot holes or other things. Everything besides the mystical that could have been taken straight from real life. Everything is very consistent. That is pretty much the only downside – its not really thrilling or has a lot of action. And so far Clare has been very good at keeping her update schedule.

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