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Not exactly your average college story

By Sora, member

Jan 27, 2009: Disclaimer: I too write a story based on magical college. I enjoy this genre a lot and it seems that it’s a growing niche around the web writing world. Our stories have the same premise but vastly different outcomes. I initially started reading this story because I wanted to see what chapter the characters started classes, just as a little research for my own story. (see my likes for more)

Summary: Three girls, Edie, Corrie, and Dawn start their first year of college at a magical university. Things start getting strange when one of the students goes missing and Dawn begins to learn of a power she never thought she had, but needs to use to find this missing student and maybe to prevent more from going missing.

Likes: I’m forty nine chapters into the story and they haven’t started yet and that’s alright with me. I enjoy reading where this story is going. This isn’t the typical college story simply because they hadn’t started class and all that good stuff. I’m perfectly fine with that because I might be a little bored with college classes. Not that magical classes are boring to read about, but not much happens in class. This is true with college life in general. Most of the learning one does in college is outside of the class room. The characters are likable enough and I care about them just enough to keep reading to that next chapter. The chapters are relatively short. I was able to read most of this story in one sitting.

Dislikes: It’s a tad bit cliched, but it didn’t really detract from the story. The characters are bit too similar to each other to stand out from each other as far as personality is concerned, but as the story continues, they will probably develop their own personalities and their own quirks.

Overall: It’s enjoyable story. I hope to keep reading this story as it has piqued my interests. I like that the posts are generally short and easy to read. I can’t wait to get to more of the action.

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