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Children of the Halo by E J Spurrell


It’s been a thousand years since the Pact was forged with the blood of heroes, uniting the five tribes and pushing the shadows back into the darkness. Since that time, peace has reigned in former Eventide. But now, dark shadows working behind the scene for centuries have corrupted the once-pure High Magus Council, the overseers of the Pact and enforcers of its laws, twisting the justice it once stood for into a gross parody of greed and control.

But an ancient, secret prophecy speaks of a lost people. People ignorant to the ways of magick and steel, but masters of a new kind of magick. The magick of crafts and machines, of information and tecknowledge. It is said they will emerge from a halo of dark light and bring with them a city of wonders.

Life tends to slow to a crawl in Dunsmith, British Columbia. The small Vancouver Island town is nothing more than a crossroads. But when a strange event occurs and leaves the entire town stranded knee-deep in the Disputed Lands, they find they must band together as they face trials they were unprepared for. Invading armies, magick, elementals and even the local economy have to be taken into consideration.

But how well can a small town of eight thousand hold back the furies of the Pactlands?

Note: Children of the Halo contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

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Dinos And Prophecies Oh My

By Sonja Nitschke, editor

Aug 10, 2008: I’ve enjoyed all fifteen chapters so far.

I don’t know why I did—normally I don’t enjoy prophecy tales where a select few can alter everybody else’s fates, but I found that part of the story easy enough to overlook.

Perhaps it’s because there is such a diverse cast of characters (and I didn’t have too hard a time remembering who was who which is saying something since my memory is lousy). Or the fact that there are walking, talking dinosaurs and ferrets. Or maybe it’s because their magicks strike my Science Fiction Lite chord in just the right way (I say that knowing this is a fantasy novel, but I can’t really help the way the story affects me).

Or maybe it’s the fact that the world in which these Canadians eventually find themselves is real and their response to the situation was believable as well.

The author describes the world without going into overdrive. The prophecy and legends/history is not info dumped to us all at once.

Over all, a good read and I look forward to more.

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A real gem of a story

By Eldoran, member

Jan 8, 2010: Well to an extend this is a typical chosen one story, except in this case the "one" is a whole town with its inhabitants. And I mean the chosen one pretty literally, as they are chosen by a deity and taken there to fulfill a specific purpose, their destiny.

And it is quite well told, and quite funny when in the course of the story thousand of years old prophesies become true around the protagonists who pretty much only want to [more . . .]

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Very recommendable

By Airship, member

Aug 23, 2008: DISCLAIMER: – CoH is still updating, and therefore my review might be subject to change. – I’m affiliated with the story since I scan the unpublished chapters for typos. Some people might consider my review biased because of this. -This review contains minor spoilers.

I bumped into Children of the Halo by pure chance, to be honest. I was in a fantasy mood, and tried to find a serial I had read a few chapters of a few months [more . . .]

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