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Children of the Wind by Charles Anthony Almanza


When twenty-something year-old Lucas, a gifted empath and globe trotter who ‘travels with the changing wind’ returns to his hometown of Playa de Oro, he expects a certain normalcy to follow him. He needs it to anchor him while dealing with his mother, who suffers from a brain tumor that causes seizures, or his youngest sister, Dee, battling depression. And money is short, so short that his oldest sister, Percy, is thinking about dropping out of school.

What the family needs is a miracle. But things don’t work out that way. In the middle of the storm flies in his eccentric Abuelita, a fierce woman determined to help. But her help consists of a different kind of help; as a Mayan witch from Nicaragua, she brings with her more than just a touch of witchcraft, unleashing a barrage of magic that slowly begins to turn into a new normal, full of dreams, rituals, card readings, Mayan Gods, and folklore springing to life.

But as Lucas learns to hone his gifts and balance a ‘normal’ life, he soon realizes that all magic performed comes with a price . . . 

The question is . . . with survival on the line, how far down the rabbit hole will he go?

A serialized novel, updating weekly

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Listed: Dec 8, 2017


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