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China Wind … well worth a read

By Ian Clarke, member

Apr 23, 2009: China Wind is a novel reminiscent of Clavell’s writing, and, to me, that is a compliment. I have read several of Anne’s published novels, and have seen the development of a competent wordsmith at work. As with her songs, Anne doesn’t let the work see the light of day until she is satisfied with it (or so it seems to me).

I note one reviewer has expressed concern that not much has happened early in the novel. I found the same, but setting the locations and developing characters and character relationships can take time, and I thought this was approached in entertaining detail. Once past the earlier sections, the action starts. As in her hard copy novels, Anne has again managed to pose the usual mystery story how/why/what/where issues in her usual intriguing fashion.

I would urge readers to read well into the novel (perhaps wait until the end) before forming opinions. Not all mystery books are littered with corpses in the first ten pages . . . or, indeed, the first ten chapters.

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