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Very cool.

By Eren Reverie, author of Et Alia

Jan 2, 2015: I’ll just start by saying that I started Citadel last night and finished the archives last night.

The setting is well done, though you are thrown into it without a lot of world building. However, this alternate modern-day earth is similar enough to ours that you can make basic assumptions and be okay – and the author does an excellent job of introducing the social and historical differences in a way that is both natural for the characters (no info-dump expositions for the sake of the audience) and informative to the reader: I didn’t have much difficulty picking things up as the story went along.

That said, the really strong point is the characters. The point of view shifts every few chapters, so rather than a single main character you get introduced to the inner workings of multiple individuals The characters are interesting, and their unique motivations and experiences give them individual ‘voices’ that help keep it clear who’s point of view you’re currently reading. I very quickly found myself unable to decide on a favorite, and found I was just anticipating the next chapter, rather than the next chapter from a particular point of view.

The action scenes are fast paced and fairly brutal; the powers are diverse and their exact working is not always what you might expect from how they perform – but even so, again, in my opinion the really strong lure of this story is seeing what the characters do with their abilities, how they handle the situations they fall in, and how their inter-relationships develop.

Citadel is well worth reading, and I have the feeling it is going to turn into something epic.

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