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Superpowered soldiers in a world that needs them

By Farmerbob1, author of Set In Stone

Nov 26, 2014: At first, it isn’t clear what the author is aiming for, and this early in the series, I might still be mistaken, but it appears as if the author is building a combination of military fiction and superpower fiction.

Most superpower fiction strays away from military tenets, Supers are generally a bit chaotic, and do their own thing, whether heroes or villains, they learn as they go. There’s nothing wrong with that – in fiction.

It seems like the early part of Citadel is showing us a world where a government, with the agreement of a cadre of supers to act as trainers, is working to create a body of supers that will act like soldiers, not like individual powerhouses.

Some of the tactics used in the training are a lot like some tactics used for teaching real world infantry and special teams.

It’s still early, but the author’s technical writing skills and grammar are better than average, their characters are solid, the interactions between characters is believable to the extent that we’ve seen them so far. The action scenes are good.

Oh, yes, the author reviewed both my completed and my current projects. To be honest, that’s the only reason why I went to go read Citadel. That having been said, I’ll be continuing to read it, not because of some back-scratching obligation, but because it’s good.

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