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Very Promising Start to a Super-powered Story

By Stellan72, member

Jan 17, 2015: Well-developed, fascinating characters. Fresh takes on powers. A world devastated and materially changed by the emergence of superpowers, and yet still recognizable. A setting that is fleshed out by bits of exposition mixed evenly throughout the dialog and action. Interesting ethical issues and challenges that are acknowledged and wrestled with a bit by the characters in the setting. An absolute and total lack of trans-dimensional mindwarpers who induce rabid fanboyism in those who read the web-fiction that bears great similarity to the aforementioned setting/place. None whatsoever! Why do you ask?! [runs away] ‘You’ll never cure meeee!’

Note- it switches POV frequently (varying from every few installments to every installment), which may be a draw or a downside.

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