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Fun, Grisly, Awesome, Dark

By Tintinnabulation, member

Dec 16, 2014: This story does interesting things, with strong world-building, interesting powers, fun and novel characters, and just the right amount of darkness. If I have any criticism, it’s that some elements seem a little bit derived, though that’s nearly inescapable in the genre, and that some elements seem a little contrived, though I couldn’t put my finger on it precisely. It’s not incredible, not yet, but it’s pretty good, updates really quickly, and doesn’t require the bump of terrible early pages some web serials have to surmount. The author has a talent for REALLY grisly imagery that comes out delightfully in the hardcore militaristic academy setting. Example – just read the first page. It’s chilling. Basically, this thing is good, and it’s gonna get great.

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