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Some shortcomings

By Joseph Kranak, member

Jan 31, 2012: The story story is a combination zombie story and action. It has some intriguing aspects that attract one’s attention. But I think there are things missed too. For example, I think the author has a tendency of having problems solved way too easily. For example, there’s the eponymous book, the Codex Nekromantia, which is located in a complex and mystery-filled library. But, instead of the two necromancers struggling through a difficult mini-quest to find it (or even better, having them compete to see who can get it first), the main character just happens to have already fetched it with no apparent difficulty. Or, another example, whey they seek to perform an intricate spell with many hard to find ingredients, instead of this leading to a difficult, harrowing treasure hunt, we get one of the characters announcing he already has all the stuff.

I’d also recommend trimming down on the dialogue and increasing the description, so the reader can more clearly visualize the locations and the action. Also, i don’t know if the tone works. The comedy, I think tends to overwhelm the horror, such that it’s not really scary.

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