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Cold Ghost by Eva Shandor

Yakuza, Road Trips and Bears, Oh my! 

Joel was just a regular ol’ park ranger, minding his own business when Yukihiro, a recently retired assassin for a Tokyo yakuza family, burst through a window and into his life.

Now, he’s trapped quite figuratively in a web of deceit and danger that goes beyond the usual ‘hilarious misunderstanding’ and driven straight to ‘running away for dear life’.

Will Joel survive the adventure? Will Yukihiro ever explain what it’s all about or why Triads want him dead? Or will everyone just be eaten alive by bears?

Note: Cold Ghost is unfinished, and will likely remain so.  It contains some graphic sexual content, graphic violence, and harsh language.

An abandoned novel

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Listed: Feb 25, 2010


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Editorial Reviews

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Editor’s First Impression

By Linda Schoales, editor

Feb 25, 2010: The prologue is solid, if a bit serious for a story that’s supposed to have comedy elements. The yakuza is looking for a missing assassin.

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Excellent voice, lots of promise, but in need of an editor.

By Robert Rodgers, author of The Last Skull

Apr 12, 2010: Canadian rangers and Yakuza-on-the-run are slated to collide in what’s billed as a comedy adventure—only five chapters have been posted at the point of this review, but right now it seems fairly obvious as to where it’s going.

Joel and Yukihiro are the main characters—the former a park ranger who’s still recovering from a nasty break-up with Nathan (a police officer briefly touched on in chapter 5, the latest chapter) and dealing with an over-meddlesome family, the latter a yakuza who’s [more . . .]

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Realistically Comical.

By Sarratum, member

Mar 10, 2010: Cold Ghost begins with Joel, a young man who just got out of a difficult relationship and returns home for the holidays. The story then shifts to a Japanese man on the run from seemingly powerful people. The setting takes place in Toronto, Canada. It appears the story is setting up for the two characters to meet somehow.

Joel is a likeable character, he’s the type of guy you can relate to, whether it be feeling crummy about a recently severed [more . . .]

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