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Fascinating city-based steampunk

By Senna Black, member

Jun 18, 2011: Generally, I have so far found this story fascinating and engaging.

The writing is competent, and sets up a strong narrative voice. It is in present tense, which suits the character, mood and steampunk setting well. It is quite a detached voice, but I found that contrasted nicely with the messy, sordid details given about Noah’s life. It gave me a sense of his alienation and detachment, born of the trauma he experienced befpre the start of the story.

I found the narrative voice worked very well in the story, but this voice/tense is not typical of the fantasy genre, so it may be a bit jarring at first to readers who are expecting the more lush, high-fantasy style writing.

Sometimes the narrative moves quite quickly through a long time period, so that I found I occasionally got confused and had to go back and reread.

The city of LaGatta, which is built on terraces, with access to the upper terraces limited to people of certain rank and accomplishment is fascinating. Noah is both dynamic and a bit contemptible—the kind of character who make you want to keep rereading so you can learn more about him and the world. His obsession with attaining the upper ranks and getting "his due" is a good frame for the story.

I’ve only read the first few chapters so far, but I am hooked and eagerly awaiting finding out what happens next.

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