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An Intersting Tale

By Savannah, member

Dec 16, 2011: The tone of ‘Consider What Became of the Ashes’ was distant, and the story took leaps in time with little warning. It was not confusing, though. In fact, it was quite entertaining. The narrative voice worked well to tell Noah’s tale, and found appropriate avenues to insert details of Noah’s past, which is quite a sad story. Living in a city where status is determined by how high up you live, Noah aims to find his way to the top, taking all the opportunities he can to do so. His determination is commendable, and the hardships he survives on a regular basis will make you feel for him, and appreciate the kindness of those who show him kindness – however small an act is it. Its an interesting tale, and a decent read for anyone who is interested in a little fantasy, but likes a sense of realism amidst it all.

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