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ConstantChaotic by Q

Your best friend is destined to destroy your country. And I was sent to kill her. 

In the world of Gaia, people have Resonance Souls. These souls grant them special powers. But some of these powers are feared. The ones of most relevance are The Prophecies, which consist of The Phoenix and The Soul Stealer.

These Resonants are so strong that factions exist to try to stop them from destroying the world.

In a world that believes in prophecy, do you think you can change it?

The League has sent a Monte Criston to destroy The Phoenix, whose current reincarnation is in the country of Dexterity.

It’s a small girl.

And she’s your best friend.

Note: ConstantChaotic is unfinished, and will likely remain so.  It contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

An abandoned novel

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Listed: Sep 27, 2009


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It might be good, if…

By Farmerbob1, author of Set In Stone

Jun 5, 2014: The story and world seem like they might be interesting, but the author really needs to get rid of all the strange non-English characters that appear throughout every chapter I looked in. Spacing between paragraphs is inconsistent too.

I read a couple chapters at the beginning, and the end. The quality of the prose itself at the end seemed a little better than at the beginning, but the weird non-English characters and inconsistent paragraph spacing were still there at the end, and too painful to endure. I couldn’t concentrate on the story.

If the paragraph spacing and non-English characters were addressed, this might be a good read.

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