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Insane Renditions

By GeneralRincewind, member

Sep 20, 2016: I loved it.

It does the insanity and uncertainty of the world brilliantly, where you;re never wholly sure of what’s happening or not. It has an interesting narrator, who is unreliable, untrustworthy, and has a pet eyeball. He’s also strangely optimistic. Too optimistic almost. It really helps to sell the MC insanity, better than most other fiction. Who else has tried optimism as insanity?

Mechanically the descriptions are sparse, but this is more a feature than a bug, given how it helps to sell the unknowability of the world. It also consists entirely of monologue, which could maybe not be your cup of tea. The prose is excellent, with a nice rhythm and excellent word choice.

The only critique I could find was that sometimes it does forget that it is a diary, and the Fish Men section seemed a little disjointed and jarring compared to the rest of the serial.

Other than that it was excellent. I loved it, and would heartily recommend it to anyone who likes insanity.

*Note: It ain’t finished yet, so take my opinion with a grain of salt(or 20).

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