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Punk rock superhero

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Dec 16, 2012: Doesn’t that sound intriguing?

Instead of reading the first two chapters, you could listen to them in a podcast. I recommend that – Wright has a good reading voice. The debut scene is breathtaking. A man sits in a penthouse apartment, listening to In the Mood over and over. He’s feeling nostalgic. Something is about to happen. He sends an email. Suddenly, assassins attack!

The second chapter is completely different, as we switch to a different character and a different scene, in which a would-be bank-robbing supervillain is rebuked for his cheesy style. At this point the reader is wondering, what will this story be like? Intense and heroic, or goofy and off the wall?

The answer is "mostly intense", but the hero is a wisecracking punk rock fan who may appear more off-the-wall than heroic at first. He, gasp, smokes cigarettes like a chimney, or an old-style detective novel "Dick", and as another character points out, that’s not even cool anymore. But don’t get him mad. As the bad guys find out, he’s more than he seems.

After starting off at the end of two divergent branches, the story takes its time getting to, shall we say, the point. The extended setup sometimes seems a bit jumpy from episode to episode, but it’s all good. Curveball takes place in an America just like the present day, except there are superpowers. There are also politics, and corruption, and conspiracy, and therein lies the tale.

A strong contribution to the superpowers genre, with a different sort of hero.

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