For comic book fans who don’t like pictures

By MaddiroseX, author of Twisted Cogs

Mar 21, 2016: I mentioned in a recent review that the superhero genre is glutted right now, especially in the serial world. Given that glut, one might be reluctant to give yet another superhero serial a try, but I hasten to reassure potential readers, this isn’t a superhero story, despite the superpowers present in the serial.

Curveball is a comic book, plain and simple, one that happens to have no pictures. I was extremely skeptical after reading what the author was trying to do here, but I have to say he’s pulled it off brilliantly. Curveball encompasses all of the gritty action I would expect from a graphic novel, and for a textual work provides an incredible amount of “visual” beauty.

I love love love the way mood and atmosphere are set up in this serial. From the very first chapter the scenes are so beautifully outlined by the author’s prose, I doubt it could be more vivid were it an actual comic book. Other reviews mention that the first chapter didn’t work for them, but it absolutely hooked me in with its atmosphere and construction.

My gushing about the prose itself shouldn’t be taken to mean that I don’t care for other aspects of the writing; Curveball’s characters have a nice amount of depth, especially over time. Comic books’ habit of working very well in the long-term definitely comes into play. This is a work which builds over time, and each chapter that passes layers in more depth to the characters and settings.

All together Curveball’s understanding of atmosphere and ability to capture the comic-book vibe are enough to recommend it, with an interesting series of plots and intriguing characters being the cherry on top.

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