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Daybreak on Hyperion by Aorii

Does magic affect the evolution of human civilization and conflict? 

Born into noble prestige and gifted with genius intellect, Pascal was a promising officer cadet who rose to national fame before even graduating. At the mere age of nineteen, he had everything a young man could wish for . . . 

Except his habitual arrogance had destroyed every opportunity of a close friendship.

Seeking a companion that would meet his protracted list of requirements, Pascal decided to craft the ‘perfect spell’ for the upcoming familiar ceremony. If those in his world were not fit to accompany his brilliance, then he would summon a best friend through his own hands—one that was mature, intelligent, knowledgeable, bright, and cute to boot.

He received far more than he bargained for.

This is the story of how three wills—adviser, general, and sovereign—joined to forever alter a continent.

Note: Daybreak on Hyperion contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

An ongoing series, with new episodes monthly

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Listed: Jul 24, 2016


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surprisingly good story

By Mizura1, member

Aug 5, 2016: Overall, this is a surprisingly good story. A lot of research has obviously gone into the politics, weaponry and social conducts of different times, and a decent amount of thought into societal aspects and how the presence of magic would affect warfare and its technological development. On the downside, the story gets technical and pretty confusing to read (though part of the blame I guess lies in the fact that I approached it as a light novel at first, so didn’t properly sit down to figure out what’s what), with [more . . .]

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No title

By Zatman, member

Jul 28, 2016: A well written story with a lot of mental problem related issues, from stress to bipolarity, not exactly the kind of gender bender you see usually, also most battles aorii makes have a lot of well researched info in them, so all in all a really good web novel to read 🙂

[more . . .]

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No title

By Konp, member

Oct 16, 2016: I read two volumes of this story, and I just can’t continue. The author seem to use some tropes, like the physical abusive female character against male lead, while one time you can understand the reasoning, the other times seems over the top reaction for what amounts to teenager drama. Honestly the Mc is the classic prodigy, socially awkward, asshole not really original character ;however, the other characters seem to go again over the top to be offended with some random asshole actions to the point of hate and spite. [more . . .]

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