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Dead Boyfriend by Seth Gray

A vampire hunter. A vampire. Simple? You’ve no idea . . . 

Regan St. James is just your typical eighteen-year-old vampire hunter. He enjoys sharp objects and random hook-ups. But one night, in a quiet little mountain college town, he meets a guy named Ira who just might change his life. If he can survive Ira’s relatives, of course.

A novel, no longer online

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Listed: Apr 17, 2009


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Editorial Reviews

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My Guilty Pleasure

By Chris Poirier, editor

Jun 9, 2009: Dead Boyfriend is my guilty pleasure: an engaging narrator and fun sex scenes—what’s not to like. The whole vampire thing is trod rather lightly, and though the writing is a bit uneven, when it’s fun, it’s a lot of fun.

Regan St. James is a self-possesed, horny teenaged vampire hunter, in town to take his high school equivalency exams. First night, while out looking to scratch a certain itch, he happens across Ira in a bar near the local college. They flirt a bit, then Regan leads them outside for the privacy of the alleyway, where several minutes of that fun sex I mentioned ensues. It’s not until the next day, when he bumps into Ira again, that Regan realises Ira’s a vampire. Still, it was a hot date (or cool, depending on the way you look at it), and after some more flirting, the two of them decide on a real date. Too bad Ira’s ex-girlfriend doesn’t like him dating, and has the superhuman strength to back up the threat.

Dead Boyfriend is at its best when Regan is flirting or snarking—he’s smart and has a quick tongue (hey! get your mind out of the gutter! . . . okay, yes, that way, too) and when he’s using it, the story is a lot of fun. The fight scenes aren’t bad, either. But at other times, the story can bog down in long passages of overly-descriptive narrative, with the tone often dipping into self-satisfied arrogance. I suppose it is a believable part of Regan’s personality, but the contrast is stark, and the writing loses its spark in these passages.

For me, Dead Boyfriend is a fun diversion. At the moment, the story seems on a knife’s-edge: if it heads into more of the long narrative stuff, it may lose my interest; but if it keeps to the lighter tone, I think I’ll be enjoying it for a good time to come. If you enjoy stories with gay characters, and don’t mind explicit sex, do yourself a favour and check it out.

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Most Helpful Member Reviews

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DB’s Characters, Plot, and Sex Scenes: I Think You’ll Like This

By GreenGlass, member

Oct 12, 2009: I recommend "Dead Boyfriend" because the writing is exceptional, the plot is fascinating, and the characters are awesome.

In fact, I consider the main characters almost too awesome, so hopefully most of you can still enjoy characters who aren’t "too real for comfort," so to speak. I think the main characters have very few dysfunctional traits. I say this because Reagan, Ira, Milly, and even the perfect Mom and the perfect Ex-girlfriend (as in the perfect bad "guy") are all exceptional, [more . . .]

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Well plotted, great fun, five lovely stars.

By hvns2btsy, member

Dec 27, 2009: I considered giving Dead Boyfriend 4 out of 5 stars because, though I love-love-loved it, the English Literature major in me continues to point out that it’s not exactly Shakespeare. But you know what, I read the first 42 parts of this story last night sitting on my couch while watching a BBC production of Hamlet. Guess which one held my attention and which one slid into the background.

So yeah, Dead Boyfriend isn’t Shakespeare. What it is an fun, [more . . .]

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Dead Boyfriend: much enjoyed; happy to recommend

By laughingcollie, member

Oct 17, 2009: I decided to give Dead Boyfriend a try based on a chapter the author wrote for another serial web story: Tales of MU. Writing someone else’s characters is never easy, but this author had a light, deft touch that left me delighted with the short, clever story he’d written for ToMU.

I was even more pleased with Dead Boyfriend, I’m happy to say. The protagonist is clever, witty, and good at what he does—and yet he still has some depth and [more . . .]

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