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Fun read, looking forward to more updates!

By Calhoun, author of Quoria

Mar 5, 2019: I really enjoy DBB! It’s a supernatural mystery involving a TV psychic and the ocean, and it gives off some real noir mystery feelings! The side characters are interesting and the town feels big – like every side character we meet has their own lives going on outside of the main character – which REALLY helps add to the overall mystery feeling (who was where? when? why? it feels like everyone is doing their own thing in the background, which makes it more interesting re: the mystery but also makes it harder to solve! Much like mysteries in real life I imagine!)

If you like: Supernatural shenanagins involving the ocean, fake psychics trying very hard to pretend they are not fake, dogs, salt getting in everything you own and murder investigations, this is the serial for you!

If you have a severe or persistent fear of the ocean or large bodies of water, this is probably not the serial for you.

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