Great Story! Great Science! & An Awesome Magic System!

By PolarisFx, member

Dec 28, 2016: I’ve been gradually reading every bit of LitRPG I can lay my hands on, and this Book came highly recommended on Reddit. And sure enough, it’s a great story, with great characters. I immediately liked Jason & Henry from the start, the others . . . took some time to get accustomed to, but they grow on you as the story progresses and at the end I really loved them all.

While the characters make the story great it wouldn’t be a good LitRPG without the magic & science elements and that’s what really blew this book out of the park for me.

The magic system alone is a really interesting idea, and how the characters level is even better. I especially loved Henry’s Dhu . . . it’s a beautiful day in this bikini clad neighborhood . . . 

It’s killing me, but I don’t want to read the second book until it’s done. I think the suspense would kill me. Great job Blaise!

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