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An advised read!

By Sayl, member

Jun 12, 2016: First of all, and i am sure the others who have read this fiction would agree. The amount of details in this fiction is astrinomical. I flinch when i think about the raw amount of hours the writer has put into research. Although the release time for each chapter is a bit slow compared to other stories the details, lively characters and compelling story more than make up for it. Quality over quantity has been the writers obvious choice.

Although my review may seem overly-positive i have spent some time thinking about improvements he could have done to his story. Honestly there was nothing i could come up with. Although i myself dabble in the art of writing a bit this man has me beat hands down. -lifts a glass- Here’s to taking the things he told me to heart. This book is worthy of your read, that would be my message to anyone reading my review.

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