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A worthy sequel

By Eldoran, member

Jun 2, 2010: Most of what can be said about Matthew’s other story, "The Wolf’s Will" , applies to this one too. So if you loved or hated the other story, you probably will this one too.

The story revolves around a team of two agents of a semi secret government agency, tasked with the control of demons. The world is similar to our own with super science and supernaturals and government conspiracies thrown into the mix – at least in theory. As it turns out, pretty much every named or at least specifically mentioned person is at least somewhat crazy. In the end this is a very similar world as in "The Wolf’s Will", only superscience and demons replace the various supernaturals and magic. There is even an equivalent to the magic tower – the "Easycare Dorm”.

Its fun, but its really wacky, just don’t think too hard how such a chaotic and obviously dysfunctional world could survive.

This time there is even a real ending and epilogue, something "The Wolf’s Will" had lacked.

There are still very one dimensional characters, most are pretty much defined by their neurosis. There is lots of action, no romance and unfortunately lots of grammar errors and typos. Unlike some of the surreal and hilarious stories, most things are relatively consistent, both character behavior and established facts usually remain constant in the whole story. And cause relatively plausible effects.

By the way – it seems to be completed for some time

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