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Desert Steel by Deadpansmirk


If you could, right now, throw away everything and leave forever, would you?

Desert Steel is a web serial that tells the tale of the people who have willingly left our modern world to live permanently in a lawless, barren desert land. From the dregs to the dropouts, the thrill seekers to the kill seekers, the losers to the lost, everyone has different pasts and different motivations. They share one thing in common: the desert.

Note: Desert Steel contains pervasive graphic violence and harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating sporadically

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Listed: Nov 27, 2015

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I can tell you the world…

By Khronosabre, member

Dec 4, 2015: Shining, shimmering, sandy.

Desert Steel has a cool title. It’s a cool phrase. According to the first chapter, it means a surprisingly large number of cool things. And it takes place in a pretty cool world that lies somewhere in the middle ground between Eastwood spaghetti westerns and Mad Max. Unfortunately, more often than not, it’s much better at telling the reader how cool it is rather than showing it.

The story [more . . .]

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A Slow Start… But Worth the Wait

By Scott Scherr, author of Don't Feed The Dark

Jan 14, 2016: Desert Steel begins with a young man in a dusty cloak, Sebastian Keys, walking across an alien desert, on a world made up entirely of sand and the promise of blood where the sun rules supreme over an unforgivingly harsh, and yet, majestic landscape. In time, we discover that back in our world, portals have mysteriously appeared allowing matter a one-way trip into what is called Terra Deserta, or, Desert Land, where the outcasts of our society make up the pioneers of this strange alien world. ‘Thrill seekers, psychos, explorers, [more . . .]

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Wordy, Pulpy, Solid Western

By TanaNari, author of Price

Dec 3, 2015: I’m dropping the numbers thing of earlier reviews.

This story is good, for as early as it is. Characters are interesting, if a bit stock western, and the story makes for a fun pseudo-western-pseudo-noir feel.

Fight sequences are merciless, bloody and direct.

The story has a lot to love for fans of western antihero tropes, reminding me already of the James-Younger legends and [more . . .]

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