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Wordy, Pulpy, Solid Western

By TanaNari, author of Price

Dec 3, 2015: I’m dropping the numbers thing of earlier reviews.

This story is good, for as early as it is. Characters are interesting, if a bit stock western, and the story makes for a fun pseudo-western-pseudo-noir feel.

Fight sequences are merciless, bloody and direct.

The story has a lot to love for fans of western antihero tropes, reminding me already of the James-Younger legends and comparing favorably to them. My dad would love this story.

If you like the genre and can tolerate the dense word count, it’s more than worth reading.

But holy damn is it wordy. ‘Purple prose’ doesn’t begin to express it. 2,000 word chapters that could convey all the same information in 500 or less. It seems to be getting better as chapters move on, but we’re only at chapter 6 at this point in the review.

And if you don’t like the genre? Well . . . pass. There’s nothing so far that really puts a "new take" on the concept. Sure, it’s scifi, but only in a loose sense. It could just as easily be a historical fiction story and no one would know the difference.

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