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Diary of a Runner by Steve Kuhn

Keep Dext Runnin'! 

Follow the story of Odessa Baxter (aka Dext) and his evolving group of survivors as they battle not only the undead epidemic but, more importantly, the human and moral dangers of the zombie apocalypse.

A novel, no longer online

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Listed: Apr 25, 2012


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Diary of a Runner

By Wildbow, author of Ward

Jul 10, 2012: It seems reviews for ‘Diary of a Runner’ are very divided, with two 5 star reviews and one 2 star review. A fairly large gap considering that the former indicates professional level writing and the latter is ‘a tough slog’, a half-step from ‘unreadable’. The primary point of contention is the writing style.

So let’s be blunt; Diary of a Runner is laid out in such a way that it’s virtually unreadable. Gavin noted all of this: Lack of paragraph formatting, [more . . .]

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Run the other direction

By G.S. Williams, author of No Man An Island

Apr 25, 2012: "A Runner’s Diary" takes place in a post-disaster zombie infestation setting, like numerous other stories. So that was a star deduction. There are enough serials and movies in this mileu that writers should know they have to be compelling to bother, and fairly original to garner attention.

This story has nothing original to offer to its genre, so that was another lost star. I will say that I sort of enjoyed the narrator’s exuberant voice, it was weirdly humorous in a [more . . .]

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Run Tell Dext

By H. Show, member

Jul 9, 2012: This critic finds the project insightful and amazing!! It does exactly what it sets out to do; pulls the reader into the story as if they are actually reading a found diary depicting the zombie apocalypse. We’ve seen, read, and heard every other zombie story and this one takes it to the next level. Some may say that there are grammatical errors, punctuation errors, but you have to remember what you are reading; this is taken from a diary during the zombie outbreak. It gives the reader an indepth look [more . . .]

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