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Division by Zero by Solange Salgado

To thwart the impossible 

Division by Zero is a science fantasy web novel influenced by shōnen and shōjo manga. It follows the life of Kohana Outtaike, a 15-year-old girl whose dreams of journeying the cosmos become a reality when she is contacted by an alien from another universe named Hiroyuki D’Accardi, who describes himself as her ‘Advisor.’ After being told she is Hiroyuki’s general, Kohana fights at the forefront of wars throughout the multiverse in order to protect it from a great, unknown evil.

Note: Division by Zero contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating monthly

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Listed: Sep 16, 2018


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Tidal Wave

By Megajoule, author of The Warlock Ruthless

Oct 3, 2018: I gave a/0 a read through as it was new and it got a pretty good review right off the bat. I’m afraid that review feels unearned, and misleading as to the quality of this story.

Don’t get me wrong, the writer does have an impressive command of sentence structure and vocabulary. They are clearly well read, clearly a very thoughtful and verbose person. However, they would benefit in revisiting the rule "Show, Don’t Tell." The first chapter is a huge [more . . .]

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Divide By Anime

By Rhodeworks, author of Not All Heroes

Sep 30, 2018: I was working on a review of this, but myriadmelancholy got there first with everything I had wanted to say. However, I review everything I rate, so . . . 

This story is an exhausting slog. To illustrate, there are four thousand words of exposition in the first chapter before something happens—a line of dialogue. Many of those four thousand words are bluntly telling the audience how smart Kohana is, how talented she is, how good she is.

[more . . .]

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a miss with little star power

By myriadmelancholy, member

Sep 29, 2018: a/0 presents itself as a bright, unique offer in a genre that has seen more than its fair share of repetitiveness. Having read the reviews on this story, and learning that the author has been working on it for several years, it was with great eagerness that I sat down to finally read it through. Sadly, that was to be the first letdown in a long line.

Division by Zero focuses on a young Japanese girl that is inordinately talented, exceptionally [more . . .]

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