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Divide By Anime

By Rhodeworks, author of Not All Heroes

Sep 30, 2018: I was working on a review of this, but myriadmelancholy got there first with everything I had wanted to say. However, I review everything I rate, so . . . 

This story is an exhausting slog. To illustrate, there are four thousand words of exposition in the first chapter before something happens—a line of dialogue. Many of those four thousand words are bluntly telling the audience how smart Kohana is, how talented she is, how good she is.

What makes this peculiar, and feels like a summary of the story as a whole, is despite us being /told/ how smart Kohana is, she makes a fairly basic mistake with how moons operate. Is this intentional? It’s impossible to tell.

The whole of the first chapter is about 7000 words long, and it really consists of a student talking with her teacher about how smart she is. Another review comments that there is no such thing as extraneous information in this serial, and I find that extremely unlikely.

The worst part of it is that it feels like the author has some talent, but it’s just wasted under thousands of boring words, anime fetishization, and a story that isn’t a story so much as it is just description and endless internal monologue. The audience for this, I feel, is extremely narrow, and therefore not really a story I can recommend.

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