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Do It Yourself by BG Hilton

The South Hertling Chronicles 

Somewhere in the depths of Australian suburbia, a battle looms that could shake the very foundations of the universe as the Handy Pavilion drifts towards open warfare against its rivals in the DIY Barn.

Join the eccentric Pavilion employees as they live . . . learn . . . mangle the very nature of causality . . . and love.

A fantasy/comedy/soap-opera featuring superheroes, ghosts, scifi, Greek gods, romance, giant robots and cowboys.

And power tools. Lots of power tools.

Note: Do It Yourself contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A complete series

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Listed: Jul 16, 2017

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Absurd, but it works!

By Alexander.Hollins, member

Jul 28, 2017: Imagine a Home Depot, of sorts. Staffed by a retired supervillian, (mostly retired) a dryad, a Terminator from the future who has already prevented her John Conner from being born, and is just running the Kids Krafts section until Judgement day comes, a pair of twins, one dedicated to the light (who works in Lighting and Lamps) and one dedicated to the Dark (blinds and window coverings, of course).

And those are the more NORMAL people who are attracted to this [more . . .]

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Three novels stitched into one

By TanaNari, author of Price

Jul 22, 2017: Kinda appropriate, given the author’s apparent love of Frankenstein lore.

It is a well written piece of work, with some of the best pacing I’ve ever seen in a webstory. Characters are interesting, the story moves forward at more or less the same pace as it establishes in the first chapter ( increasing momentum as you’d expect of a good novel), and you won’t find yourself bored.

Confused at times, absolutely, but [more . . .]

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