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Absurd, but it works!

By Alexander.Hollins, member

Jul 28, 2017: Imagine a Home Depot, of sorts. Staffed by a retired supervillian, (mostly retired) a dryad, a Terminator from the future who has already prevented her John Conner from being born, and is just running the Kids Krafts section until Judgement day comes, a pair of twins, one dedicated to the light (who works in Lighting and Lamps) and one dedicated to the Dark (blinds and window coverings, of course).

And those are the more NORMAL people who are attracted to this nexus of weird. And this would be all well and good. Until a rival home goods and hardware store, one staffed by beings of inexplicable evil, moves in across the street.

BEGUN, the hardware wars have.

This delightful romp moves quickly from character to character, its very ensemble, no one character taking precedence. There is a variety of storylines going on at any moment, but the author does an excellent job of tying them together and resolving plots before introducing new ones. The characters have well done unique voices, and the action accentuates the plot.

High brow humor and dumb pop culture gags abound. The writing is more reminiscent of Robert Aspirin than anyone else, but is uniquely the author’s own.

Prose is well written for the most part. The first 10 or so chapters are a bit rough, but the author hits their pace, and each chapter is cleaner than the last. I’ve greatly enjoyed plowing through the backlog, and am on chapter 55 at the time of deciding to write a review. If you like funny, but still a good dramatic story, take a read!

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