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Three novels stitched into one

By TanaNari, author of Price

Jul 22, 2017: Kinda appropriate, given the author’s apparent love of Frankenstein lore.

It is a well written piece of work, with some of the best pacing I’ve ever seen in a webstory. Characters are interesting, the story moves forward at more or less the same pace as it establishes in the first chapter ( increasing momentum as you’d expect of a good novel), and you won’t find yourself bored.

Confused at times, absolutely, but never bored.

It is a solid, interesting drama with suspense, heartbreak, and even a couple moments of disgust and horror for the audience to enjoy. All set in the backdrop of a war between two home repair/crafts stores.

It is a hilariously absurd comedy with time travel shenanigans, villainous incompetence, and every form of gag you could ask for. That just so happens to include a botched mind-control-assisted attempted rape. See what I mean about incompetence?

It is both, and that is the problem.

Even in the beginning, it is attempting to be both a humorous parody as well as being a serious drama, and in the process it utterly detracts from both. Words like "Bathos" and "Mood Whiplash" come to mind. Or Cerebus Rollercoaster, for those who like their TVTropes.

Strip away the comedy, and this could be a powerful drama. Strip away the drama (or, at least, make the drama funny instead of serious), and you can have a great comedy. You could also probably keep the dark humor and eliminate the absurdist, and make an engaging story from that.

I’d wholeheartedly recommend any of those to everyone interested in their respective genres. The way this story is melded together, however, serves only to detract from the drama and put you in a situation where you don’t feel like laughing at the jokes, nor are the moments of dark humor timed well.

Also, there’s easily enough characters each getting chapters to themselves to fill the main cast of three or four separate novels, which tends to make it more difficult to care or keep track of them. Especially when some of these characters seem to only exist because the author needed someone to fuel a specific sketch comedy role and nobody else was available.

However, even with those flaws, it was still a good read, and for people like myself who enjoy dark comedy, drama with teeth, and sketch comedy . . . I absolutely recommend it.

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