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Welcome to an RPG city

By G.S. Williams, author of No Man An Island

Apr 25, 2012: "Domina City" is a manmade floating city with bizarre inhabitants. The citizens use biotech to have "buffs" that make them look like angels, demons and vampires, among other things. They can earn money by taking tasks from a computerized job board. The main character and his room-mate use it to get a job catching a rat, which is a common task.

So basically it’s a lot like reading a video game. When a character earns enough money they can buy health upgrades or new skills. The narrator is from out of town and led a pretty sheltered existence since he doesn’t know much at all about this infamous city. That means readers get to sit through expository info dumps every time he talks to another character.

So if any of that sounds better than playing a Final Fantasy instead, check it out. The author has tried to create cultures and details so if they can one day break away from the gamer stereotypes they might have some interesting ideas.

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