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Solid, exciting zombie story.

By Deadpansmirk, author of Desert Steel

Jan 18, 2016: Disclaimer: This review is part of a review swap. As always, I did my best to stay impartial.

Don’t Feed The Dark is a zombie story. And it’s a darn good one. The opening chapter is riveting and engaging. The characters introduced are interesting and fleshed out, meaning when all hell breaks loose, and it sure does, you already care about who lives and who dies. Which brings me to what I would consider Don’t Feed the Dark’s greatest strength: it’s characters. Making a character flawed, unique, human and interesting can be a tough task. To do it over and over again with a diverse cast- that’s amazing. Every four chapters or so the perspective switches, to a new character. It could easily have broken the story, making it a hard slog as the zombie apocalypse happens over and over again. That Scott Scherr, the author, manages to avoid this is seriously impressive. Each perspective switch he has to introduce the character, flesh them out, and then dump them into the apocalypse, all while keeping the narrative fresh and gripping. It’s such that I can’t pick a favourite, or even tell you who the main character is. They all steal the show when it’s their turn.

To talk of flaws in the story, one can actually talk about characters again. I would be willing to level the accusation that nearly all of them fall into some cliché. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however. A cliché is bad when the author uses it as a crutch for a flat character, letting the thousands of other characters just like it to fill any holes or undeveloped areas. As the paragraph above indicates, this isn’t the case.

Otherwise, the only other issue isn’t a flaw at all: Don’t Feed the Dark is a zombie story. It has gore, and violence and death. So if you don’t like zombie stories, Don’t Feed the Dark isn’t going to change that. But if you like zombie stories, you’ll love this. And if you don’t care either way, Don’t Feed the Dark might be worth looking into. It’s at the top of its genre.

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Walking Dead meets Sin City

By Team Contract, member

Sep 6, 2016: Don’t Feed the Dark is a zombie apocalypse story and by any measure a very good one. The prose and dialogue is well written, the pacing fast and the atmosphere is creepy and spot on. However, to only define it as such does not do justice to the great story being told by Scott Scherr.

The real hook of this tale are the point of view characters. Scherr not only tells a horrifically graphic and gory zombie thriller, but through the eyes of the most broken and unlikely people possible. To not give too much away, there is a Dexter like serial killer, a stripper, an adulterer and an alcoholic mother. Each of these characters are very real and paint the world as such, warts and all, which makes the zombie attacks all the more frightening and realistic when they occur.

And, not only are these characters broken in every which way, but we’re introduced to them on the worse day of their lives and I’m not even talking about the zombie attack. Scherr’s skill in pulling off these types of characters is the immense amount of humanity he brings to each of them, with redeeming qualities that make you sympathetic to them, even at the height of their bad behavior. Its this mix of throwing characters that would be interesting in their own right and then forcing them into this nightmare scenario that sets this story apart.

If you’re a fan of gritty realism and heart pounding horror (and aren’t too squeamish!) Don’t Feed the Dark will be a must read for you.

EDIT: After reading through the first book I’m changing my review from 4.5 to 5 out of 5 stars. This story is a page turner like none other. The more I read the better it gets. If you are a fan of survival horror, start reading this now! But I warn you, be prepared for sleepless nights!

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