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Do Read the Dark

By Whyknotzoidberg, author of Hotfoot

Jan 15, 2016: Summary for lazy people. Dark, violent, and compelling. If you like zombies read it. Russel is a great character, like an unrefined Dexter Morgan. Don’t read if you’re squeamish.

In depth:

Pros: Human characters. Flawed, real people. The characters seem to sort of fit one type of archetype, but in reality are huge inversions. This is like the Neon Genesis Evangelon of zombie stories. The greatest protagonist, Russel is awesome to read about,mans is the first one you encounter. Russel, unlike Rick Grimes, or Brad Pitt, is a serial killer. He isn’t some tough but good cop or military man with a heart of gold, he’s an unrepentant killer with a la Darkly Dreaming Dexter dark passenger. Russel isn’t Dexter or Hannibal however. He actively fights the wildly profane and animalistic voice in his head, and seems to have a philosophy along the line of Victor Zasz from the Arkham games. It’s really interesting. The only downside is I don’t really care about the other characters stories, I power through them to get back to Russel.

Writing is good, a bit excessive on the gore and slightly purple prosey.

Storytelling is fantastic. Scott’s got balls, and barrels through topics most zombie writers wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. Some really cool, "The Mist" style events happen, and it’s hella good.


Now that I think about it, it is purple prosey. Chapters are generally monsters, and take paragraphs to say things only worth maybe one or two sentences.

This story is graphic. Rape, erotic dancing, language, and of course the visceral violence. Don’t read if you’re squeamish. A lot of the time I felt it was a bit excessive, but that’s probably just my own personal preference.

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