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By Miladysa, author of Refuge of Delayed Souls

Apr 5, 2010: The magical world of Dragon Wars is most engaging – so are the creatures that inhabit it and the tensions that are rising there.

There are some lovely touches – Heart Friends, Merfolk, Dwarves, Ice Spiders (delicious), blood and truth mirrors (magical) plus enchanted jewels and weaponry.

Strange then, that I was unsure at first as to whether or not I was going to enjoy the story.

The beginning was a little too sudden for my liking. The teenagers’ reaction to an alien world opening up before them a little too blasé with everything required for an adventure conveniently close at hand.

Those early doubts were cast aside somewhat with the arrival of an interesting Dark Rider, at the close of Chapter One, when the story took a real turn for the better and began to capture my imagination.

The three main teenage characters however have failed to endear themselves to me. I really have to push myself to like them and cheer them on. I much prefer the scenes where their involvement is limited. Admittedly, it is early days yet. I am hopeful that this will rectify itself as the characters evolve.

I am pleased to say that the situation is entirely different as far as other characters are concerned. The mysterious Dark Rider is very appealing. His interaction with Mela, one of the mermaids, is quite touching in parts.

There is enough of Dragon Wars posted to date to show that it has a lot of promise and I am sure it will prove itself to be a real favourite amongst readers who enjoy young adult fantasy.

NB This review is based on the four chapters that have been posted so far and will be revised at a later date.

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