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Drezo Regalia: Rebirth by Jane Christian


Mankind has grown to the point of traveling out to different worlds throughout the galaxy. War brings new diseases mutated monsters, and turning the dead into undead.With the creation of the Growth and Rebirth project, humanity has taken quantum leaps to survive in new harsh worlds that they never could of done before. Humanity’s home, Earth, has become a fest pool of new diseases that targets humans specifically. Even now, Mother Earth’s wrath has followed them across galaxy to take her revenge on humanity that had escaped from the fear of destruction. But life takes a sharp turn, when a man and a woman finds a child on Earth that could either be their salvation or their worst nightmare.

Kiyro is quickly growing up to become the young leader of his band of groups. His promise to protect his brother and sister has urge him forward to keep living even in the harsh world. But is the end of the world coming quicker than imagine. What is the meaning of life and is it worth living in now when death has barely any meaning?

Note: Drezo Regalia: Rebirth contains some graphic sexual content, graphic violence, and harsh language.

An ongoing series, with new episodes fortnightly

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Listed: Apr 22, 2016


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